Will you go out with me?

So, when I started this blog, I knew it was God’s plan for me. And before you roll your eyes, just… hear me out. Okay?

If you’ve read my first blog post (which I am hoping you have) then you know that I had a blog and deleted it. As I mentioned earlier, since then, I’ve felt like the writer part of me died during that period because I stopped feeling so confident about writing. Then one night, just before I decided to go to bed, I find myself building this site. A part of me is still surprised, but I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. In a vague, faraway future kind of foresight.

Well, now I’m here.

I have spent the past three days trying to figure out what to do. I keep asking myself, where do I see this going? How do I see this panning out? What audience am I trying to reach? What is the purpose of it all? And finally, why is this so important [to me]?

No answers. Scratch that. No concrete answers. You see, I’m quite the spontaneous being sometimes. I’m not a big fan of making solid plans because things don’t always go as planned. So I’d rather “wing it” than be disappointed. Truth is, my heart of stone kinda breaks anytime I get disappointed, and it doesn’t care how “minor” the disappointment might seem. I guess that’s what makes me such a soulful writer. Always nursing a broken heart and all that.

Ladies and gentlemen of the audience, I want to be intentional about our relationship. (Okay perhaps I threw in the R word too soon. But I am serious.) I want us to grow together, thrive together… Become the best of friends. I know it’s such a big thing to ask you. And these days, people aren’t so trustworthy. I would know.

The thing is, I believe that everything I have ever been through, prayed through, strived through, and cried through… Everything has led me to this moment. To be shared. Here. With you.

I believe that I have stories that need to be told. That I’ve gone through everything I have gone through (and everything I am going through) so I could share with you. Simply put, you are not alone. I know that people tend to throw this phrase around in an attempt to be deep and empathetic. And who can blame them? A lot of people don’t like being called cold and uncaring, especially by people whose opinions they value. Other times, it’s just about keeping up appearances.

 But I’m here today to tell you that regardless of what you’re going through, you really are not alone.

Some of you might have problems with my faith in God and how I trust him wholeheartedly. And that’s okay. I’m not here to force my beliefs down your throat. You can just treat me like that friend of yours who is in a new relationship and so in love, it’s sickening. But you love them so you’re happy for them anyway. Or like your brother who has a crush they claim is the “most amazing person in the world” and is always going on about them. Or the newlyweds on your flight on their way to their honeymoon. If you weren’t still recovering from your heartbreak, you might have been happy for them, but you are. So you just look out the window and let them be. Or like the cats down the street who are always cuddling our licking each other. Or your friend who keeps supporting that team in the premier league that’s always losing these days. You don’t know why they keep subjecting themselves to the heartache, but you let them.

The examples could go on, but I think you get it. I hope you do. So what do you say, ladies and gentlemen, do we have ourselves a healthy relationship? Oh right! We should probably start as friends. Get to know each other and all that.

I know I might step on some toes sometimes, and if I do, I hope you find it in your hearts to forgive me. But more importantly, I hope you call me out on it. After all, the bedrock of a healthy relationship is healthy communication.

That being said, I really look forward to our journey together. Don’t you?

Well, till next week.

Ciao ;*

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And remember, you are not alone.

Alsoooo… in totally unrelated, but very important, news… today is my mother’s birthday! She’s like the coolest mother in recorded history. No cap. (Don’t tell her I said that! She’ll just keep rubbing it in my face in every argument. Smh.)

I can’t be home for her birthday, but I’m excited anyway. It’s bitter-sweet, but I can’t complain y’know. So, you can just wish her a happy birthday from wherever you are, send prayers, and love… and everything in between. I am one hundred and one percent sure she’ll feel the love. *whispers* My mother has superpowers.

Alright people… I’m out! For real this time. haha.


Dr Nyameba 💜

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