She is a phenomenal woman

She is a dancer

She dances with all she is, all she feels, who she is

She holds nothing back

She forgets who she is, where she is, what she is

She is expressive

She doesn’t think about who is watching

She doesn’t think about how others see her

She is impressive

She is magnificent

She is full of passion

She is carefree

She is careless

She is emotional

She is guarded

She is a exciting

She is fun

She is loud

She is silent

She is rude

She is polite

She is thoughtful

She is flexible

She is a vibe

She is a dancer

She is a lover

She is an intellectual

She is my sister

Dr Nyameba 💜

One response to “Antoinette”

  1. […] Today is my little (and only) sister’s birthday. My baby girl. Antoinette. […]


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