Love out loud

You are the very best of me.

I always wanted to love out loud.

I wanted to kiss and laugh and hold hands

I wanted to fight about food and sports and cars

I wanted to endure at least one awkward moment, like the walk of shame or being walked in on by a family member

I wanted the late night drives and walks on the beach

I wanted to get arrested for whatever reason and make it out of the whole ordeal stronger, together

I wanted to cry for hours and call it allergies or a twig in my eye

I wanted to make a meal and forget to add salt or perhaps add too much salt and watch it being eaten in fake joy

I wanted to throw a surprise party and get frustrated because I almost messed it up

I wanted to…

Oh God, I wanted to do a lot of things

I still do

I’ve always wanted to love out loud

I’m actually looking forward to it

Dr Nyameba 💜

2 responses to “Love out loud”

  1. A lovely poetical construction. Confessional poetry at its root.

    Liked by 1 person

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