We were in love

We were in love. Not the love they sing or write sonnets about which last for centuries. Not the peaceful, picturesque kind either.

We were in love. Practical, logical and totally weird. We were utterly vulnerable yet built these make-believe walls to coddle our egos.

We fought, then made up. We prayed. We sinned. We brought each other up. And tore each other down. The best thing that ever happened to each other. And the worst.

We could never decide if we wanted to keep fighting together or against each other. There was always either a power struggle or a truce. Sometimes both. *shrugs*

We were in love. Madly in love. Crazy in love. Overwhelming. Exciting. Suffocating. Demanding. Amazing. Forgiving. Romancing. Distracting… Heartbreaking.

We were in love. We may try to ignore it or deny it or wish it away. And that’s okay. We are allowed to. But some days, I’m glad we were in love. And left a mark on the stars.

Dr Nyameba đź’ś

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