30th June

Today is my little (and only) sister’s birthday. My baby girl. Antoinette.

I wanted to surprise her with decorations and breakfast when she woke up. I had been planning it all week. Ordered a cake and everything. Then this weekend, this girl decides that she wants to celebrate it (instead of just lying in bed replying messages from loved ones).

I am still going to put up decorations and the cake is going to arrive soon. The downside is, I had to tell her what I was planning. She took what I said, and raised it up a few bars (I don’t think this girl understands the concept of money quite yet). But it’s okay. I’m okay. I got this. I can do this.

Slight issue though… I didn’t get enough material for the decorations, I have no idea how to blow a metallic balloon (even with the straw!) and… I’ve forgotten how to make a ribbon!




Dr Nyameba 💜



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