There is a land that is fairer than day

And by faith we can see it afar

For the father waits over the way

To prepare us a dwelling place there

In the sweet

By and by

We shall meet

On the beautiful shore

In the sweet

By and by

We shall meet

On the beautiful shore


I learnt this song in class four from my class teacher. She was a nice, God-fearing woman. She was such a positive influence in our lives and taught us so many important lessons. She is also the same person who punished us for the porn incident. To err is human! 🙂

She told us that we each had to work out our salvation. She said that on the last day, when she is going to heaven, she would like to see us going too. If we didn’t, and we tried to beg her to help, she would raise her head high and walk away (she even demonstrated the walk). If we tried to hold her legs, she would shake us off. No negativity on the way to heaven, she implied. We laughed.

Today, if an adult told a bunch of children that, a couple of people might be offended. Everyone feels entitled to hearing only good stuff these days. (I don’t even think I am an exception.) However, when I look back on the things that have offended me in my lifetime, I believe they have shaped me into the somewhat considerate woman I am today. I believe that all my most impressive strengths were forged from some type of struggle. It makes me wonder…

Would I still be somewhat proud of myself if things had been relatively easier?

Dr Nyameba 💜

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