When tomorrow comes…

I don’t know what tomorrow holds.

I don’t know if by tomorrow we’ll be friends,

or we’ll just be…there.

We may part ways, never to cross paths,

or we would have our roads intertwined than ever before,

I don’t know if we’ll still smile,

or we would be exuding bitterness.

I wonder if we’ll still jump to the same songs

or be an updated version of our outdated selves.

Who cares what tomorrow holds.

It sure is coming anyway.

We might as well sing and dance and cheer for joy.

We are alive and we are well.

We are friends, for sure. No doubt.

Today we are happy, free and sound.

So tomorrow can come, and I am sure it will.

We bear no grudges for today is swell.

I have family, friends, and a life, well spent.

So tonight, before I hit the sheets,

I’ll say a prayer of thanks to the God that I serve,

and sleep with a smile, as wide as earth.

For today has been a blessing, and tomorrow…

We live to see.

Dr Nyameba 💜

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