New Month, New Habit… and a Headache

Happy New Month!!!

I spent the whole week thinking about whether or not I should post something work related today or something random.

You probably have not noticed, but for the past 60 days, I’ve tried to post something every day. I think I only missed one day (and I felt horrible about it!)

On Monday, it is a post on faith and God.

Tuesdays are family themed.

Wednesdays are on friendships.

Thursdays are Random!

Fridays are Romantic.

Saturdays are on working or business.

On Sundays, I take a breather and hang with God and loved ones.

I have always felt a bit handicapped when it comes to relationships. All of them. In hindsight, I should have added school (though I am not a literal student at the moment. Just a student of life. You can quote me. hehe) So I wanted to challenge myself and talk about it. A therapy of sorts. And at the end of each one, I’d find some kind of resolution.

Some days, I really went all out. Other days, I just wanted to hide under my blanket and never come out. It’s a hard knock life. But in spite of it all, by the grace of God (literally), a post was uploaded every day. To Him be all the glory.

It’s been an interesting ride.

I read somewhere that if you do something consistently for 21 Days, it becomes a habit. Well, I am happy to announce that this habit has been formed. I look forward to all the amazing stories going to be shared on here, some more reluctantly than others, but we shall overcome. Surely. My only problem so far has been with the posting times. I wasn’t sure whether to upload each post at 8AM (GMT) or at 2AM (GMT).

08:00 because I think it’s when a lot of businesses I know open so I figured I could join them. Plus I was reading this series (Storm and Silence) on Wattpad a while back and the author (Rob Thier) uploaded each chapter on Wednesday at eight AM. Consistently. I thought it was cool. The number two is my favourite number so the 02:00 AM is sort of a bias. And I live in Ghana which is on Greenwich Meridian Time.

This is such a boring explanation. All I want to know is, what do you think of these times? Which one should stay? Or do you have another in mind? Kindly let me know in the comments section or you could reply this tweet! Or shoot me an email.

Yes, it bothers me. A lot. I feel like having a specific time everyday makes me somewhat reliable. Plus it shocks me out of whatever rut I am in, knowing that there are people counting on me. You get?


I had a cool piece in mind today and now I’ve spent all these times talking about what times to post. Forgive me. I’ll do better!

I really do wish you a wonderful month. We are in the craziest of times right now and it looks like each month comes with its own set of complications. However, I believe that we will rise above them. And if we don’t, they will serve as lessons we need for our next best season.

Have a wonderful day and an amazing month, you gorgeous reader, you.


Agyeiwaa Nyameba 💜

 P. S. I’m creating a poll to solve this time problem of mine and I truly hope you indulge me. Thank you!

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