Just Do It!

Have you ever engaged in a conversation with someone who’s passionate about something?

Have you watched in awe as they went on and on about a certain subject matter in such explicit detail that you can’t help but marvel at the extent of their knowledge. Their energy. Their love. It’s beautiful.

If you happen to also be as passionate about said subject, it would probably count as one of the most exciting conversations you’ve had in your life.

That, is passion.

The difference between the guy who quit school because he had an idea and could envision it in its full glory, and the guy who had a random idea but no interest in following the train of thought long enough to see a picture… Passion.

What are you passionate about?

What could you read about for hours unending and still maintain (if not increase) your level of enthusiasm?

What is that thing you bore your friends talking about all the time?

Whatever came to mind, that’s most likely your passion.

How great is that? Be proud of it. Harness it. Hone it. Make it your craft. You’re definitely on to something.

There exists at least one person out there who wishes they could be half as passionate about anything in life as you are.

How do I know this? I’m that one person. I have searched high and low for something to be passionate about (besides tasting good food). Nada!

[Side Note: If you do know a way I can actively follow this passion of mine without hurting my pocket, do let me know. Seriously. I would love to discuss this. In detail.]

On that note, I urge you: Follow your passion.

Do it for yourself. There’s probably not going to be another person exactly like you to do it in the exact same way as you. Do it for yourself before it’s too late and you’re full of regrets.

And if… Perchance, that’s not enough. How about you do it for a certain young lady who wishes to share in your unique joy. Do it for me – someone you owe nothing to, but is excited about seeing you shine.

I shall end with the [famous] words of the Nike brand:

Just Do It!

Dr Nyameba đź’ś

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