Love… This time

She approached love differently every time
She believed that if she ever lost at love it would not be for lack of trying
It would just be the way the story was supposed to go

She approached love differently every time
Different theories, a different set of rules, different boundaries; the same girl
She tried everything

She approached love differently every time
Each time, she believed it was worth it; she went all out
That day might be her last anyway

She approached love differently every time
Yet she failed to understand why
Love, too, approached her differently… every time

Sometimes, love waited all day to talk to her
And stayed awake long after the sun had gone down to watch her sleep
Love was poetic

Sometimes, love cooked exotic meals
And told her that their greatest accomplishment was watching her eat with joy
Love was flattering

Sometimes, love picked fights to ‘keep the flame alive’
And when she had all but given up, love smiled and made her forget
‘Love’ was unhealthy

This time, love is unconditional, in every sense of the word
Love is patient and kind and fills her with a certain light she didn’t even know existed
Love is… love

This time… love is everything love is supposed to be
And some

Nana Agyeiwaa Nyameba

P. S. Weirdest thing happened to me this week. I suddenly didn’t feel like listening to Promises anymore. Just like that! So I am feeling guilty asking you to give Promises a try when I spent all day humming Voice of God (especially the first parts… it can make a grown man cry). You could give it a listen too…😅

2 responses to “Love… This time”

  1. Nice piece. Also Lmao! voice of God is 🔥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. IKR!!! I just love that songgg! Thanks for stopping by and listening… God bless you💜


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