Sizzling Sounds

When I was in primary, my French teacher explained the difference between ‘to hear’ and ‘to listen’. I was fascinated. He said something about how we can hear something, without listening but we cannot listen without hearing. That means that in the end, we have a certain power in choosing what/who we listen to. In order to listen, we must pay attention. 

I can hear it in the crackle of a bonfire

A couple of years back, I told a friend of mine that I don’t listen to certain pretty famous musicians. She was shocked. “Their music is literally everywhere! How do you even avoid listening to them?” she asked. I laughed. I hear some of their songs every once in a while, but I don’t bother my head with them. I don’t make a fuss about it. I just focus my energy on something else. I actively choose to stay oblivious to their music. 

We have the power to choose what we pay attention to.

I am in love with this song right now: Voice of God. Dante just goes on about the different times/places/ways he hears the voice of God. He describes so many moments we sometimes take for granted, and the descriptions are so relatable, if I listen close enough, I can almost hear them too.

Sometimes it’s the simple things

Then the song progresses and Stephanie says,  “Listen” and every time, I hear,  ‘Pay attention, Nana, This one’s for you.’ 

Listen to the texture and the tone

Listen for the kindness and the hope

Listen for the sound that leads you home

Voice of God

Personally, I hear him in the sizzling of a delicious home-cooked meal. I can hear him in the silence of an expensive restaurant with gleaming surfaces and warm lights. I can hear him in the chill of a winter night, on an empty street when I am practically alone. 

The voice of God. 

I was trying to copy the poetic style of the song, but it is true though. The warmth and satisfaction I feel after a pretty fulfilling dining experience can only be God-sent! I am not saying I am a foodie (I am not particularly denying it either), but there is something about food that just makes you know that there is a God (who has good taste)! I mean, who else would’ve inspired men to think that eggs aren’t just chicken babies, they have potential to be more! Or that if you paired lettuce and tomatoes and cucumber… and different kinds of vegetables, they would make a sumptuous salad! And they can be garnished with… wait for it…  an egg (optional for my vegan siblings).

I could literally go on about all the different foods and how God just displays immeasurable talent in both local and continental dishes. And that’s just food! However, I wouldn’t have noticed, if I didn’t pay attention in the first place. 

Listen for the kindness and the hope

Voice of God

What are you choosing to pay attention to in the seemingly mundane moments of your day? 

What are you listening to?

Nana Agyeiwaa Nyameba

P. S. What foods are local to you? Like in your home. Any personal faves? I really need to update my food bucket list. (Yes, I have one. Don’t judge!😅)

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