Captain von Trapp’s Whistle

When my daddy speaks, everything stands at attention.

Have you ever seen/heard of the movie Sound of Music? It is my mother’s favourite movie of all time. Maria and the von Trapp family. We watched it so much that it became all our favourites at a point. I remember one rainy day, a friend came over and we had just started watching it (for the second time) that day. She asked what movie it was, and everyone in the room was shocked! “You don’t know THE Sound of Music??!!!” we exclaimed. I guess, that was the day I realised that half of the stuff that are seen as ‘normal’ in my home are very ‘abnormal’ elsewhere.

For those who haven’t seen it, Sound of Music is about a navy officer, his family and the nanny that changed everything. Captain von Trapp was a widower with seven children who seemed to drive away every nanny they had. Now the Captain was a very strict man. He had a specific whistle tune for every one of the children and to also get them in order. The Captain was an austere man who ran his house in a very… no-nonsense manner. The children wore uniforms and adhered to an inflexible schedule.

Photo credit: Google Images (CharacTour)

Then Maria, the nun (who doesn’t quite fit into the convent life) is brought to the house as a nanny and (surprisingly) she survives. By the end of the first night, she managed to win the admiration of the children. It’s such a wonderful movie. Oh, and did I mention that it was a musical? Yhup, it is. So by the time I was in junior high, I could sing almost every song in the movie by heart. 

The Sound of Music Wallpaper: Maria with the Children in Her Bedroom | Sound  of music, Sound of music movie, Music images
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Anyway, the movie came to mind as I typed the first line. (It is from that song I’ve been raving about all week. Yes, Voice of God by Dante Bowe, Chandler Moore, and Steffany Gretzinger.) I thought about how the captain was such a powerful man in his house, and how the sound of the whistle brought every child in his household to order.

Now, imagine this on a much  larger scale. You see, my Daddy, made the whole universe. He literally spoke everything into existence. Like, when he speaks, everything obeys. Crazy part is, he doesn’t need to shout to get stuff done. He is awesome like that. He has authority like that.

It sounds a bit crazy/cliche when I say it out loud. But I have no doubt in how true it is. My Daddy, is so powerful, he makes ‘powerful’ look basic. Like, he provides in ways I didn’t even know was possible. He saw a simple girl like me who barely responds to texts/calls, and he made it possible for me to have meaningful friendships anyway. He saw my heart, when I didn’t even know I had one. He saw where my life was heading and he just… turned it around for good. He’s just… ALL THAT like that😂

That’s My Daddy.

The deaf ear still responds to that sound, of His voice
The dead man still gets up from the ground, because of His voice
Everything responds when He calls (Yes)
Everything responds when He speaks (Everything, yeah)
I come alive when He calls (Everything inside of me)
I come alive when He speaks (Stands at attention)
Everything stands at attention (Oh)
Everything stands at attention (I stand at attention)
Everything stands at attention ([Every soul of my bone, yeah?])
When my Father speaks
When my Daddy speaks
When my Healer speaks
When my Savior speaks
Everything stands at attention (I love the sound, I love the sound)

What is your daddy like?

Nana Agyeiwaa Nyameba

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