[Insert Inspiring Headline with a Touch of Mystery]

Five years ago, I started a business with my mother. A bar and restaurant where she ran the kitchen while I served and took care of the money. It was just the two of us dealing with everything and we dominated! We were a force to be reckoned with.

Four years ago, I semi-abandoned the allure of entrepreneurship in pursuit of a career in engineering. While it was an exhilarating pursuit, I never had quite as much command over it as I do with running a business. So in my free time, I offered advice to friends and colleagues who dared to become entrepreneurs while maintaining a comfortable position as a soundboard for my mother’s ideas. Through it all, I reminded myself that this was my mother’s dream so I needed to find mine too.

Two weeks ago, I lost my phone in an unfortunate (and embarrassing) incident. Naturally, the absence of my phone meant I couldn’t fill the awkward moments of introspection with Twitter or Pinterest. I had to deal with everything I had been avoiding – aka my life.

Six days ago, I started working with my mother again. I have been running around serving drinks, bussing tables and dealing with people I would normally avoid. The whole process took a little getting used to. I would like to say that I have finally adjusted and I am ready to put my signature on this thing but my feet beg to differ. As I type these words, I can barely feel my feet between the incessant aching and throbbing. I’ve grown rusty. Or I have just grown.

Three hours ago, all I could think about was the comfort of my bed and how I cannot wait to sink into it because I have an early start. Now look at me, sitting on the glorious bed typing words I would usually not bother typing because… well, it’s easier to fall asleep thinking random thoughts than to sit down and do the thinking coherently – on a keyboard.

At this juncture, I would like to mention that I didn’t start with a specific bottom line in mind, however, I believe that the point is… life happens. Why expel energy avoiding certain situations while we can embrace them and inadvertently, get it over with. Now, if you’re a Bible-believing, Jesus-loving, Holy Ghost filled Christian like myself, you might want to use some of that energy to pray about it and trust that whatever happens is working out for your good. If you aren’t like myself, you can also take a moment and ask yourself:

What is the worst that could happen?

When you’re done over-analysing everything, you can respond with a very bold:

And. So What?!

Now get moving, sweetheart. We have a new week to deal with!

Nana Agyeiwaa Nyameba

P. S. I think I am slowly running out of songs to share because I keep listening to the same three songs that I forget there are others. Sigh. Like, Refiner!!!!

P. P. S. have you heard It is Good by Ron Kenoly. I really like this song because it takes me back to my childhood when my mother would play her gospel music CDs every morning. I think you might enjoy it.

2 responses to “[Insert Inspiring Headline with a Touch of Mystery]”

  1. You will do fine. It just life..🤞🏾😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Man. I’ll do well to remember that🥰💜


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