Package is on the way. Please, wait.

Half an hour ago, I was ready to upload a post. I poured out my heart onto a few pages and I was ready to set it free. While making my final edit, I decided to link a video I’d made reference to. I couldn’t find it.

There’s a sermon by Sarah Jakes Roberts – a woman I greatly admire – called Headwinds. Old but gold. I watched it a while back when I chanced on an eight minute excerpt called ‘Know Who You Are from Headwinds by Sarah Jakes Roberts’ on YouTube. That excerpt changed my life. That’s why I wanted to share it with you. I don’t want to hoard all the good stuff. 😉

Anyway, I think the video has been taken down because I searched for a while and nothing came up, just the original sermon kept popping up in the results. After a while, I figured I might as well watch the sermon and find the part I like. Perhaps I might find new inspiration from that part. (Oh did I mention how I keep getting inspired every time I watch that eight minute video? And it’s weird because I pretty much know all the words, and yet… it’s amazing.)

Now I am watching this sermon and I realise… she’s talking to me. Like, this message that I watched years ago, is speaking to me right now. Today has been one affirmation after the other and I am loving it! First, my devotional on YouVersion called Wait Is a Four Letter Word was talking about Hannah and her blessing (1 Samuel 1). Then at church today, Pastor Steven preached on Joseph and his blessing (Genesis 50:18-22) in a sermon called Get to the Good Part. And now, Sarah is here talking to me about my blessing! Father, I hear you! I am waiting for my something!

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The irony is, this week was very hard for me. I found myself being overwhelmed by immense sorrow I’ve been keeping bottled up and no matter how passionately I prayed, I wasn’t hearing anything. I had run out of my faith-reserve and I just wanted to coil up under my blanket and never get up again. Then today, God finally spoke. The good part is coming. Get ready for lift off! I never forgot you. Not even for a second!

Now, I have no idea what the good part is, but I know God gives the best gifts ever! I am so hyped up right now! It’s coming!

What are you waiting for? What does your heart feel like right now?

I pray that you experience a renewed hope in life this week and may you find a joy so pure, it’s almost unbelievable. Have a blessed new month!

Nana Agyeiwaa Nyameba

P. S. This is my birth month! I pray I enjoy this one! Also, if my birthday is on the 26th, does that mean I have 25 days more, or it’s still 26?

Also, I think Reckless Love by Cory Asbury is one of my favourite love songs ever. No cap.

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