What are we doing?

What are we doing? This dance. Every two to three years, we do this thing around each other. One person is ready to jump, the other isn’t. So we sashay and twirl around each other till someone gets strong enough to walk away and set the other free.

What are we doing? This thing. We have honest talks about our fears and our deepest secrets. We bare our souls to each other, without care for barriers and boundaries. We lay down all our cards. Then at the end of the night, we log off, and never speak of it again.

What are we doing? This… I have no words for it. A kiss here. A touch there. A lot of things happening that aren’t being talked about. Ignorance is bliss, they say. But are we really blissful? Life is hard enough as it is, yet look at us, complicating it even more.

What are we doing? We’re in love! We’re getting married! We’re going to have a baby! Yet, why does it all feel like such a bad idea? Do you remember those signs along the way? Were they really red flags or just… emblems of subtle caution? Should there have been all those compromises, or just a hard ‘NO’?

What are we doing? I have no idea. I am scared and confused and I truly wish I had the answers, but I don’t. I want more time but I don’t think there’s any so… what if we don’t do anything? That way, there’d be nothing to answer. Right?

Nana Agyeiwaa Nyameba 

P. S. I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for a minute. I’ve been finding it strangely difficult to articulate my thoughts lately. However, here’s a song that speaks so volumes to(and for) me that I don’t have to:  The Story I’ll Tell by Naomi Raine

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