Heart of mine

Sometimes, I write for myself. For moments when I forget. Take this week for instance, someone liked my first post and it caused me to go back and read it to see what was so likable about it. That like reminded me to keep growing. Keep learning. To be kind to myself. To be patient with myself. I am still figuring life out. I make mistakes but that’s okay. I am supposed to learn from my mistakes, not dwell on them and beat myself down. So thank you to Connoisseur Wanderlust, your like truly made my week 🙂

Today, I am writing about the God of Midnight.

If you’ve read any of my recent posts, you would find that I am quite a fan of Maverick City Music. This is weird because I generally do not get obsessed with music groups. I just enjoy music and sometimes, they happen to be from the same group. But this time, I downloaded two albums from them just because it was them – and ended up being utterly blessed by them. So yah, I stan.

It’s just like you

To wait till the midnight hour…

When my faith is at an all-time low

The first time I heard these words, I was shocked. I’d probably heard this song a couple of times (because of the playlist) but I never actually paid any attention to it. It was around my bedtime and I was drifting off to sleep. (Music calms me down when it gets too loud in my head.) As the words flowed through my head, something in my heart responded.

When the odds are stacked against me

And I’m at the end of the road

My soul reminds my heart of what it knows

I had been going through so much in my life – physical, fiscal, emotional, spiritual, psychological… so much was going on and I was feeling so many things all at once. I had been trying to sleep for so long and at that moment, I realized that I’d been waiting for this word. This reminder of who I am and who is in control of it all.

That’s when you come through

Like you always do

You know how sometimes, you get ready to go somewhere and then you realize that you’re super early or right on time so you stall a little bit so that you can be “fashionably late”? I’m not saying for church or a job interview, because that isn’t even fashionable. I mean like, to a party. Or one of those soirees that you can’t be too early or too late either. Or even those family events that you want to spend just enough time on before you remember why you avoid family gatherings…

God sometimes likes to make an entrance. A little too early and you might not really appreciate the awesomeness of the miracle. A little too late and you might not even notice it. He is always right on time. Just when we think it’s over, he makes his presence known. Like, ‘Non, Cherie, I’m right here.’

Heart of mine be confident

Nothing is too hard for him

I will be still and know that you’re with me

This week, I have had to remind myself to be still and know that he’s with me. Every time I wanted to quit. Every time I wanted to walk away. Every time I thought, “This isn’t even worth it anymore.” He came through and he reminded me that he’s still in the miracle business. That I am right on track. That His timing is impeccable.

Nana Agyeiwaa Nyameba

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