Dear Mr. Gentleman,

This one is for you.

A few years ago, when I first turned sixteen, a friend and sister at the time, Deladem, told me to pray for you. I didn’t know you then like I know you now, but I prayed for you nonetheless. Dela inspired me to be more than I was allowing myself to be. She opened my eyes to see that I too could be versatile. Looking back, she played a rather pivotal role in my life.

Dela taught me to diversify my interests and try new things. And if/when possible, to get certificates for them. She also introduced me to clubs and groups that made me a much better person, to be honest. Then, she spoke about you. I laughed at first. Wasn’t it too early, I thought. But she was serious. She said that it was never too early to start. It is better to pray before than to pray when you are smack in the middle of it. That made sense, I thought. So I prayed. I prayed for your physique, your aura, your wit, your style, your self-image, your class. I prayed for your future, your personality, your character, your lifestyle. And over the years, as I met more people who pretended to be you, I prayed for healing, on the off chance you were going through same. I prayed for the most trivial things about you, and the deal-breakers. Dela was right, starting early gave me time.

Of course, over the years, the prayers have morphed somehow. Some old ideologies lost and some new ones have filled the gaps. The preferences have changed as I have changed too. And there is a small part of me that is hoping that you are praying for me too.

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Today, as I sat down listening to the rushing waves, enjoying the coolness of the morning, I thanked God. For the simple pleasures of life. But tonight, as I get ready for bed, I am hoping that someway somehow, soon and very soon, we will meet. Or perhaps we already have and I was not wearing my glasses?

Well, if nothing at all, I would like to know which of my prayers were revised and which ones were taken as they were.

So, my love, where are you?


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