The friends we keep

‘Is it a sin if…?’

According to one of my fave pastors these days (read Mike Todd), when you reach a certain level in your faith, you don’t even ask questions like, is it a sin if…? You just, do stuff or you don’t. Your spirit is so in tune with the Holy Spirit that you are literally being guided through everything.

Today, I thought about a conversation I’d had with someone today. In itself, the entire conversation was harmless. But I keep thinking about it. I keep wondering if I overstepped my boundaries today. I keep wondering if I am beginning to tread on dangerous territory. Now, I know that I have to be careful. It may not be a sin, now. But it could easily become or lead to one.

Sometimes, we allow things to marinate in our lives when we have to cut them off. We allow certain weeds to grow by telling ourselves that they might blossom into flowers. The truth is, we know better.

It is one thing to know better, and it is another thing to do better.

I have no idea how to go ‘uncross’ the lines I crossed today. It might require a certain amount of assertion I am not comfortable with. But it is necessary. Perhaps, I might lose a friend in the process. Perhaps they might think I’m weird for changing my mind about the dynamics of our friendship. That’s okay.

It’s better to lose people because they aren’t for you, than to use strength you don’t have to keep up with people in your life who should not be there [in the first place].

From one person who’s a mess to another, it’s really not worth the trouble.

Dr Nyameba 💜

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